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“The lack of comprehensive data is probably one of the main obstacles to advancing philanthropy in Brazil. It represents a challenge in projecting scenarios or analyzing trends and, most of all, diminishes our capacity to advocate for structural changes — as we have only a blurred picture of how the sector looks. From an organizational perspective, it (the Data Charter) will improve philanthropic institutions’ capacity to make better investment decisions.” Andre Degenszajn, Secretary-General, GIFE



Chinese (Charter Document & Brochure)

“Data is the infrastructure of the philanthropy sector in China. The comprehensive database helps forge a robust and healthy sector from various perspectives. On one hand, the Data Charter becomes a great tool for the China Foundation Center to explain why/what/how to disclose information. On the other hand, it is a global initiative, so the Chinese foundation leaders could see the cutting edge trends in terms of global governance of philanthropy, and then catch up.” Tao Ze, Vice President, China Foundation Center

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“Partnerships and networks are important parts of the philanthropy sector’s development. We hope the Data Charter will facilitate better collaboration and more strategic decision-making among different stakeholders in Russia—funders, NGOs, the government and companies. We hope that the translation of the Data Charter into Russian can help reach and engage more organizations in Russia.” Olga Evdokimova, Executive Director, Evolution & Philanthropy, Moscow Branch

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