December 9, 2015

A Journey to Address Philanthropy’s Data Needs – Arab Foundations Forum

Participating in the Global Philanthropy Data Charter meetings over the past two years; almost since the initiative lead by WINGS was launched has been a fruitful journey. A journey that began with addressing the philanthropic sector’s need for transparent, accessible and accurate data and has lead us to produce in a collaborative, global effort; an outline to guide philanthropic organizations across the globe to improve philanthropy data.


The Global Philanthropy Data Charter meeting that took place in Cape Town on the 15th and 16th of November, 2015; lead this group of actors in the philanthropic field to think beyond the guidelines and framework of data collection in theory; towards data collection in practice. The two-day meeting offered an insight into the different challenges in data collection according to region and country, evaluating the Data Charter document and discussions around the Data Charter in practice.


My main takeaways from the meeting include the insight into different and similar challenges that philanthropic networks and organizations face across the globe and the need for us as networks and organizations to work on a global scale to improve philanthropic data collection. As well as the formation of sub-working groups that are region and theme focused.


Haneen Khatib

Programs & Grants Officer

Arab Foundations Forum (AFF)