• Cape Town Workshop – November 2015

  • GIFE takes part on Global Data Movement (Portuguese)

  • A Journey to Address Philanthropy’s Data Needs – Arab Foundations Forum

  • Global Philanthropy Data Charter Workshop and Data Collection in Kenya

  • Global Philanthropy Data Charter Workshop, Amman

  • Global Philanthropy Data Charter – What’s Next?

  • Eleanor Roosevelt and Data Post-2015

  • Good Data for Greater Impact

  • Spreading the Charter’s Wings — Why Translate It?

  • Because Data Is Worth It: WINGSForum Report


08/12/15 GIFE takes part on Global Data Movement

02/12/15 Cape Town Workshop – November 2015

01/05/15 Global Philanthropy Data Charter — What’s Next?

01/10/14 Eleanor Roosevelt and Data Post-2015

16/09/14 Partnership Platform for Global Philanthropy

15/09/14 Good Data for Greater Impact

08/09/14 WINGS announces Data Charter website and interactive map

19/08/14 Spreading the Charter’s wings

13/08/14 Global Philanthropy Data Charter – not a document but a development process

04/07/14 The Matter of International Development Cooperation

09/06/14 Global Philanthropy Data Charter, Giving in Numbers, Mobile Data Collection Tools, Data visualisation

30/05/14 The power of networks, locally and globally

21/05/14 Ben Carpenter – Global Value Exchange takes crowdsourcing to the next level

24/04/14 Jeff Falkenstein – philanthropy taxonomy needs your help

18/03/14 Tao Ze – setting a new standard for foundations in China

15/11/13 A global consultation for a Global Philanthropy Data Charter

06/11/13 Encontro debate padronização de dados de investimento social (Portuguese) 

19/09/13 Global Philanthropy Data Charter makes progress in Brussels

18/07/13 Global data for better philanthropy

01/06/13 Global Philanthropy Data Charter under way

25/03/13 Fundação Vale participa de encontro global sobre filantropia (Portuguese)

13/03/13 WINGS Faces challenge of access to philanthropy worldwide 

11/03/13 Entrevista- Os desafios da coleta (Portuguese)

06/03/13 Saiba o que aconteceu nos eventos GIFE em fevereiro (Portuguese)

26/02/13 WINGS encara desafio do acesso a informacao sobre filantropia no mundo

28/12/12 A globalizacao do investimento social privado

01/09/12 Data for good