December 4, 2015

New research on individual giving in Turkey

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WINGS Global Philanthropy Data Charter Workshop took place at an opportune time as the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV), a member of WINGS, is wrapping up a much needed, comprehensive research on individual giving in Turkey. TUSEV manages the Philanthropy Infrastructure Development in Turkey Project, aiming to improve the culture of giving and strategic philanthropy by way of conducting research, encouraging peer learning among donors, prepare and disseminate publications, adapt and promote new philanthropy methods and tools. The research, which includes a nation-wide household survey, will bring light to the tendencies and motivations of individual givers and the barriers averting them from giving through civil society organizations. The research results will be comparable to the “Philanthropy in Turkey: Citizens, Foundations and the Pursuit of Social Justice” a research conducted in 2006 on the same subject and with the similar methodology. TUSEV also collects data on the development of the civil society and monitors the factors effecting the environment in which the civil society operates on a yearly basis. Thus, working with data and data providers is an essential part of TUSEV’s work in supporting civil society in Turkey.

Global Philanthropy Data Charter provides a framework for and a very effective tool in increasing transparency, providing quality and timely data that will foster further research, activities and collaborations for the development of philanthropy around the world. The workshop organized by WINGS provided a valuable collaboration environment that enabled the participants in testing the principles, values and benefits of the Charter against their own research, find collaboration opportunities that will improve the data collection and dissemination each conducts and move the Charter forward in transforming it into a practical tool that would be used globally to improve philanthropy.

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