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Signatories to the Charter are committed to actively promoting the value and importance of philanthropy data, with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in this shared endeavor. Signatories commit to honoring and promoting all values and principles embodied in this Charter with respect to their data-related work. They commit to:

    1. Promoting data as a vital tool for the advancement of the philanthropy sector;
    2. Ensuring that their data-related work is guided by the Data Charter;
    3. Collaborating with other signatories in a flexible and open way;
    4. Respecting and, whenever possible, engaging with existing data collaboration efforts and fostering new ones;
    5. Addressing the challenges and resource issues described in the section on ‘Ensuring Successful Implementation’;
    6. Respecting and helping to bridge cultural differences and varying levels of technical capacity among organizations;
    7. Promoting the Data Charter and encouraging other organizations to support it; and
    8. Jointly monitoring the use and influence of the Data Charter.

The Charter’s supporters are encouraged to add the seal below to their websites, reports and other materials to demonstrate their commitment and observance of its values and principles. Contact us for more information.

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